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Checklist: What to Do Before You Travel to Europe

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  • Make sure your passport is valid three months beyond the planned date of your departure.
  • Make scans of all your important documents. (i.e., passport, vaccination records, health insurance card)
  • Get travel health insurance.
  • Know your international phone options.
  • Bring a travel adapter suitable for socket type F.
  • Call your bank before your departure to inform them of where and when you will be traveling. Make sure that you have a credit or debit card that allows you to withdraw money in Europe (as cash is sometimes the only payment method).
  • Do your research before departing! Familiarize yourself with the program and our speakers, and prepare for the task that was assigned to you.


  • Check the weather, airline carry-on and luggage restrictions, and pack accordingly.
  • Know local Covid-19 regulations.
  • Familiarize yourself with customs and learn a bit of the local language (even though English will be spoken in most places, it is much appreciated to know a few words).

Thoughts from Alumni

“Reflect every day on what you learned because if you do not, the program will fly by and you will not have had time to appreciate this incredible experience.”

“Don’t try to work and do this program at the same time. This program will take all your mental and physical energy in the best way, and you want to genuinely experience everything. Spend time with your cohort members and build that bond. Be on time or be early. There will be a lot of walking so bring comfortable shoes. Share your experience back with your community.”

“Pack less because you can get laundry done in the hotels, Google translate allows for a simultaneous translation feature that you should have bookmarked.”

“As a nominee that was chosen for this fellowship, you are already great. Realize you were chosen for a reason, and that reason may take the whole week (or after) to become clear to you. Try to always have a question about the presentation (even if it’s not your normal interest).”

“Do more preparation/reading prior to attending, just to begin drafting questions and expectations early on. Review the provided program!“

“Remember that you are experiencing countries different than your own and the majority of places we eat have menus that have been picked for us. Trying new foods is part of the experience. Make sure Alina knows about your allergies and dietary restrictions and be aware that your food options may be limited and that’s okay. Diversity means something different in Germany than in the US and it’s important to be aware of that.“

“Be your best professional self! This is an incredible professional development opportunity. If you are given the opportunity to participate in the NBP program, remember that the program is a privilege and to carry yourself in a way that would best represent your country to others. For me, this means should up professionally in dress, speech, preparation, time, manners, and with deep respect for the work going into the program.”