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Rules and Expectations

© Eitan Barokas

1. Always be on time and come prepared.

Please show up on time for meetups or when returning from breaks. Inform yourself about speakers and topics and be prepared to contribute to discussions.

2. Stay mentally and physically present.

Please listen actively to others, and don’t interrupt or have side conversations. Please do not use your phones or other devices during meetings.

3. Listen to and be respectful of other points of view.

Even if you do not share someone’s point of view, please respect their opinions. We want to create a safe space where everyone should feel comfortable and encouraged to voice their point of view.

4. Be mindful that there are many of you.

Make sure to give space to others. Everyone should have the opportunity to engage in the conversation.

5. Conflict should address ideas rather than personalities.

Respectfully challenge the idea and not the person. Have honest and constructive conversations and defer from blame or judgement.

6. Understand that you will enter a culture that is completely different from your own.

Things are done differently in different countries and cultures. Try not to judge too quickly but to understand. Challenge your own ideas and perspectives.